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How do your best sales people resolve the pricing objection?
What challenges are your customers experiencing setting up and using your equipment?
What do your employees like most about the new corporate Vision? Values? Strategy?
What ideas do your people have for increasing Productivity? Revenues? Morale? Reducing Costs?

AQumulator is a completely customizable, online mechanism for rapidly gathering answers to such questions from large numbers of employees, clients, vendors, or the public at large. Not only does AQumulator gather ideas from large numbers of participants, but it provides a mechanism to let those same participants evaluate each other’s ideas based on any variable you might choose, such as relative idea:

Likelihood of success

The result is a prioritized, online knowledge base of:

Greatest Challenges and what to do about them
High ROI ideas
Best practices

Players, whose ideas consistently are rated as “Best Ideas”, rise to the top of the Hall of Fame and can be recognized or rewarded.

Example: 1000 players are asked to play an AQumulator Productivity game. Each player is asked to contribute at least one idea to answer the question, “How can we increase productivity in this department?” After the players contribute ideas, they must review their own ideas as well as 5 randomly selected ideas contributed by other players and evaluate them using two criteria:

1. Relative impact on productivity (ABC scale where A = High Relative Impact, B = Medium Relative Impact, C=Low Relative impact)
2. Relative cost to implement (123 scale, where 1 = Low Relative cost, 2 = Medium Relative Cost, 3 = High Relative Cost)

Upon completion of this “Self Evaluation” and “Peer Evaluation,” each player can view the “Best Ideas” list of which productivity ideas are considered to have the best combination of high value and low cost. This list is updated real-time as additional peers contribute and evaluate each other’s answers.

In addition, where this is being used for training purposes, managers can actually insert best practices into the list and assign them a value (Stack the Deck).


Learning Objectives Example
 Identify Best Practices Sales Best Practices
Programming Best Standards
Productivity Best Practices
 Identify Challenges  Most common customer objections
Challenges to using software or hardware
 Creative Problem Solving  Get groups to think divergently and
  convergently to solve critical problems.

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To see an example of an AQumulator game, choose a game below.

Soft Skill Training Technical Training Fun & Trivia
This game is under construction. This game is under construction. This game is under construction.
This game is under construction. This game is under construction. This game is under construction.

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