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In Journaling, players enter notes about specified topics or learnings in the same way they might write in a workbook journal.

All journal entries are private (i.e., no other players or manager of players have access to journal entries) unless the player chooses to share them. The journal entries can be:

Displayed on the learner’s personal Journaling web page
Printed out
Updated, edited, or reviewed at any time

Journaling is used as a way to:

Debrief what a learner has been studying to maximize retention, understanding, and application of the concepts.
Help players make what they have learned personally relevant

Learning Objectives Example Question
 Increase Retention What are the key components of Empathetic
 Increase Understanding In your daily work, which components of the
  empathetic listening model will you use most
How will Empathetic Listening change the
  way you work?
 Increase Application Ability How would you apply Empathetic Listening in
  a Sales Call? In a Customer Service Call? In a
  Coaching Meeting? In a Conflict Resolution
  situation? In a conversation with your kids?
  With your Spouse?

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Soft Skill Training Technical Training Fun & Trivia
This game is under construction. This game is under construction. This game is under construction.
This game is under construction. This game is under construction. This game is under construction.

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