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    Best Practices Feedback Tool

While traditional methods push information down stream, the AQumulator closes the crucial feedback look to harness innovation throughout the entire organization. Gather best practices and measure the success of new products in the field using the AQumulator. Then, transform this feedback into useful, sustainable knowledge.

The easy to use AQumulator may be licensed as a stand alone module, or integrated into the complete suite of Qube tools.

Key Point : Listen,respond and innovate.
AQumulator Summary
Develop a sales-force-prioritized Best Practices Knowledge-Base
Query your salespeople, channel partners, even customers to gather their:
Best practices
Greatest challenges
Ideas for new features and functionality
Most common objections
Most useful methods of resolving common objections
Automatically prioritize input using simple, flexible Return-on-Investment methodology
Reward and recognize “Best Ideas”
Edit out “Worst Ideas”
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AQumulator Demo
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