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  Motivation through Competition and Achievement

Salespeople are competitive. They love to play the QGames and demonstrate how much they know about their products or sales process. The Challenge Arena takes advantage of this natural competition by allowing players to compete against each other for rewards and recognition in:

The Hall of Fame, where players can see their scores and how they compare to their peers.
The Hall of Champions, where the “elite” players can see their scores

The About My Scores page is a personalized player analysis page where learners can choose the learning path that is most consistent with their personal learning style. Here they can:

View and Print personalized Achievement Certificates for achieving 6 different learning thresholds.
Review their Continuing Learning Units to see how they are doing against their Personal Learning Objectives
See a Summary of Recommended Reading based on their game scores. Salespeople can focus on those few pages that represent new information rather than be forced to read modules that they already know.

Key Point : Choice and competition equals motivation. By allowing learners to choose what they learn and how they learn the QLibrary increases learner motivation 3-4 times over traditional online learning designs.

Challenge Arena Summary
Increase Learner Motivation with competitive
Hall of Fame where learners see how their scores compare to their colleagues
Hall of Champions where top performers are recognized
Individualized Game Score Analysis
Personalized, Branded Achievement Certificates
Recommended reading based on player’s game scores
Team Reports for managers to review their direct reports’ scores
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Challenge Arena Demo
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