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  Already in use around the world, our clients selected the Qube because it provides the first complete, on-line training and communication toolkit designed to meet the needs of agile Sales and Marketing organizations. The Qube delivers highly effective, on demand, game-based product training to sales forces, channel partners and distributors.

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Agilent Technologies
Agilent, the premier measurement company -- advancing electronics, communications, life sciences and chemical analysis, uses the Qube to properly prepare and motivate their sales force. The fun, engaging, game-based Qube provides a complete set of online tools and methodologies designed for rapid deployment, ease of use and maximum results.
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Analog Devices
Analog Devices is a world-leading semiconductor company specializing in high performance analog, mixed-signal, digital signal processing and integrated circuits. The Qube AQumulatorT allows Analog Devices to gather and collate best practices, measure the success of their products in the field, and drive innovation throughout the organization.
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Bank of America
One of the world's largest financial institutions chose the Qube to develop an online subject-matter expertise library for Bank of America's Transaction Services Group. Engagement includes creation of a QLibraryT that will help employees learn core subject matter from expert sources in a way that is engaging, consistent, and useful in their day-to-day jobs.
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BEA Systems, a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software provides the enterprise software foundation for more than 15,000 customers around the world. The Qube provides BEA an instructionally effective, online training tool. The Service Infrastructure Training Program will assist BEA staff in communicating the value and understanding of products and services to customers.
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Borland, the global leader in Software Delivery Optimization products and services uses the Qube for customized sales force and sales management development with a mission of maintaining peak performance and leadership training. The Qube provides a complete set of online tools and methodologies designed for rapid deployment, ease of use and maximum results in an engaging, game-based platform.

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Client Speak
  "Using QBInternational QBooks has enabled us to effectively communicate our sales strategies in a way that is innovative and concise"

Diana Krupa
SPB Market Solutions Director
Cadence Design Systems
  "Note to managers: It's OK to let your employees play games at work"

Wall Street Journal
Monday April 25, 2005
  "The competition is a motivator, especially for highly competitive salespeople."

Wynn Johnson
Borland Software
  "The use of QBook and QGames substantially increased our sales force's knowledge and interest during a new product launch. The Challenge Arena QGames were so much fun that they've asked for regularly occurring QGames competition."

Gordon Cooper
Director of Sales Training
Analog Devices, Inc.
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