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  The probability of any online or instructor-led program achieving its learning objectives depends upon the quality of four critical elements:

Instructional Design

QBInternational can provide a variety of Design Services to help you maximize the quality of each of these elements for any instructional program your organization might wish to deliver. The services QBI provides are tailored to each client’s needs and instructional design capacity.

 QLibris Training

For those clients who have internal instructional design and development resources on staff, QBI can help those professionals master the QLibris Authoring platform to rapidly design, develop, rollout, and maintain online game-based learning initiatives. For these clients, QBI is happy to provide ongoing support and advisory services on an as-needed basis.

 Instructional Methodology Training

For those clients who have internal subject-matter-experts (SMEs) who are not instructional designers but who wish to develop engaging, effective game-based learning on their own, QBI can provide training and advisory services that will allow them to:

Develop useful learning objectives
Write and structure instructionally effective content
Determine what online and offline instructional designs will be most useful to achieve learning objectives
Write and develop successful QBooks
Select the best QGame for the job
Write instructionally effective QGame
  - Practice Questions
  - Assessment Questions
  - AQumulator Questions
Develop useful, inspiring Learner Motivation Strategies
Manage Qube Learning System projects

QBInternational can help your SME’s focus on what they know best: their expertise.

 Your Instructional Design Back Office

For those clients who have a need to develop effective learning but who have few resources to focus on such initiatives, QBI can provide a complete spectrum of instructional services, including designing, developing, and delivering custom:

Game-based Qube Learning System modules
    QBook creation
    QGame creation
    QLibrary creation
    AQumulator creation
    QDashboard Report customization
eLearning modules in non-Qube Learning form
New online games and simulations
Other online instructional media (Graphics, Flash, Audio, Video)

QBInternational has the resources and expertise to be your complete instructional back-office.

Whatever your organization’s needs, resources, and budgets, QBInternational can provide useful Design Services to help you get the most learning bang for your buck.

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