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Faq I took the Final Challenge and got everything correct, but My Scores are showing as less than 100%.
Faq I got all questions right, but my score is less than 100%
Faq I am trying to play the games, but they don't come up.
Faq The Final Challenge game has locked me out.
Faq I'm sure I passed the test, but I can't see it. It does not show up in the database.
Faq What is the difference between a Practice Game and the Final Challenge?
Faq How do I open the QGames?
Faq I am getting error message when I try to play the Final Challenge.
Faq How do I look at my scores?
Faq Can my Final Challenge scores be re-set?
Faq Do I get a Certificate when I complete the project?
Yes. To view or print your certificates, go to the About My Scores page, and then click the certificate icon on the right side of the page. As you reach the thresholds set by your company, the Certificates will be colored to indicate which ones you have earned.
Faq What happens if I get disconnected from the Internet while playing a game?
Faq Are all the scores recorded and posted immediately after I play?
Faq What are QGames?
Faq What are Practice Games?
Faq What is the Final Challenge?
Faq What are the Hall of Fame and Hall of Champions?
Faq How can I earn Certificates for completing a course?
Faq Why are everyone's scores made public?
Faq I completed the Final Challenge successfully but I don't see my scores.
Faq Can my manager see my progress?
Faq Why do the games have a time limit? Is it more important to answer quickly than answer right?
Faq Why can't I take the Final Challenge test more than once?
Faq I attempted the Final Challenge, but could not complete it successfully. I would like to retake it.
Faq The system doesn't allow me to take the Final Challenge.
Faq How are the QGames Created?
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