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There are a number of ways that people learn: visually (through pictures and words), auditory (through words and sounds), and kinesthetically (which is facilitated through games). We've found that our products allow you to quickly create and drive online learning. Our approach works efficiently and effectively for a large percentage of the population. However, the learning process doesn't stop with games and online books. To fill the gap, we've struck a strategic relationship with the book publisher Happy About® (http://happyabout.info) to facilitate quick-to-market books that continue to hammer home your desired training with a tactile book.
The benefits of having a book include:
Driving home a message with a physical medium
Creating instant credibility
Having a give-away that will sit on the desk of your prospect or customer
Giving a tool to your partners they can use as gifts for their clients
Creating a marketing message and/or persona that gets media attention
Happy About is a quick-to-market publisher that makes it much easier to publish your book (or book series). We can publish under your brand, as a stand-along book, or place the book into one of Happy About's book series. Visit http://happyabout.info/about.php for more details or give us a call.

Services / Book Writing Services:
Through a strategic relationship with Happy About®, a new generation quick-to-market book publisher, we've made it easy for you to extend the learning experience to the tactile world. If you have the time and resources, you can write the book yourself and incorporate it into the complete learning experience. If you don't have the time or resources, Happy About and our staff can write and publish the book for you. We manage the ghostwriters and the book publishing process. Happy About also creates white papers, podcasts, blogs and other marketing material through their 137 technical writers.

Happy About works with our teams to facilitate the movement of content from our systems into book form. It's quick, it's easy, and it's effective. Read more about them at http://happyabout.info/
Can update the book annually, if not more often (if desired)
Can update the content in-house or have us update it for you
Can sell the book through traditional book channels to add credibility to its perceived value
Can create customized versions of the book for different groups
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