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What are QGames?
QGames are tools that help you understand and retain the training material four times better than any other online training system. You can learn more about QGames at Instructional Games (QGames).
QGames are designed to make learning both engaging and fun and to increase retention of the material. There are two types of QGames:
Practice Games

What are Practice Games?
Practice Games are games designed to allow you to exercise the concepts, principles and applications presented in the QBook. They are games rather than tests or quizzes. By playing the Practice Games over and over again--you can play them as many times as you like--you can master the training. The same questions might be used in different types of games, but are asked from different perspectives to help the brain retain information. Play the Practice Games until you feel comfortable answering all the questions. These games are to help you learn and understand the concepts and applications explained in the QBook.
How do I see my Practice Game scores?
If you are playing the Practice Games in your project and want to see your scores:

  • Click QGame Scores/About My Scores from the Quick Navigation menu
  • Click the Practice Games Tab in About My Scores
Final Challenge

What is the Final Challenge?
The Final Challenge is like a final exam at the completion of a course. As such, it can be played only once. Under special circumstances, for instance a technical problem like a temporary Internet disconnect, your manager can reset the game to allow you to take the Final Challenge a second time.
All the questions and answers in the Final Challenge are included in the questions in the Practice Games. The usual format is the statement of the issue with True/False answers.
How do I see my Final Challenge score?
If you played the Final Challenge in your project and want to see your scores, then

  • Click QGame Scores/About My Scores from the Quick Navigation menu
  • Click the Final Challenge Games Tab in About My Scores

What if I don’t pass the Final Challenge or I had a technical problem and couldn’t complete the game?
If for some reason you were not able to successfully complete the Final Challenge, contact your project administrator and ask to have your final challenge game score reset so you can play it again.

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