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In the game Open, players respond freely to open-ended questions and then compare their answers to answers from experts, answers from peers, an answer checklist, or all of these. After comparing answers, players then self-score their answer. This game also includes a feature for referring users to a background resource if needed.

The mental processing required when responding to these questions helps the learner to:

Explore their thoughts on an issue or topic
Analyze their "level" of understanding compared to that of an expert or their peers
Build research skills

 Instructional Value

Open is useful for realizing the following learning objectives:

Learning Objectives Example Question
 Increase understanding and improve retention
  of critical information by explaining,
  organizing, comparing, and contrasting factual
What are the similarities and differences
  between models XY-72 and YZ-15?
 Deepen understanding and improve retention
  of concepts by focusing attention on critical
  and variable features of the concept.
What are the different types of stewardship
  and how do they compare with each other?
 Deepen understanding and improve retention
  and application of critical procedures by
  exploring critical elements of different stages
  and steps.
What different activities should a salesperson
  perform during a "needs dialogue"? Of these
  activities which is the most important and

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To see an example of an Open game, choose a game below.

Soft Skill Training Technical Training Fun & Trivia
 Conflict Management
What is Conflict?
This game is under construction.  Creativity

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