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  Sales Force Optimized Content Delivery

are easily customizable on-line Learning modules with the look, feel, and functionality of an actual book. QBooks can act standalone or as a portal incorporating text, PDFs, graphics, video, Flash, links to other modules, URLs, Reference Documents, even advertising media and click-throughs.

Created in days for a fraction of the cost of traditional online learning modules, QBooks can be arranged and distributed through topical:

QBookcases ™
QLibraries ™

Individual Learners can organize their QBooks into a Personalized “My QLibrary.” Existing content can be transformed into instructionally-effective, fun QBooks that increase retention and integrate seamlessly with QGames. For Sales Forces Readiness product training QBI has developed a variety of uniquely effective Sales Playbook templates that allow salespeople to determine what the best play will be for selling specific products to specific client roles or specific industries.

  QBooks can also be developed in real, rapidly published, cost-effective paper form as well that will help you to:
  • Drive home your messages with a physical, tactile medium
  • Create instant credibility
  • Provide a give-away that will sit on the desk of your salespeople, prospect or customer
  • Give a tool to your partners that they can use as gifts for their clients
  • Create a marketing message or persona that gets media attention
  For more information click here to learn more about our QBook Publishing Services.
QBooks Summary
Rapidly customizable online, page-turning books
More interactive and engaging than traditional eLearning forms
Higher adoption rates for technical and non-technical learners
Simple, intuitive interface
Insert any digital media, links, or documents
Choose from a variety of Sales Playbook formats
Integrates easily with QGames and QLibrary
SCORM Compliant
On Demand Publishing
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