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    Rapid, Inexpensive Development and Deployment

is a fully hosted, zero-client highly-scaleable online authoring platform that provides an Integration Gateway used to create, maintain, and support:


With 24x7 availability, QLibris allows non-technical Subject Matter Experts or other non-technical resources to develop custom game-based training in days not months. QLibris contains the following features and functionality:

Hosted in a multi-tenant, high-performance environment
Built around a dynamic XML data model engine
Use standard Microsoft tools (Word & Excel) to Develop QBook and QGame content
Complete learner and platform user administration
Management Dashboards

QLibris provides extensive SQL data mining and reporting capabilities to track learning effectiveness and learner usage. QLibris includes a variety of valuable pre-existing management report templates summarizing game results by:

Job role, or
Other learner unit

With the extensive data provided by QGame scores, Sales product training managers can determine who learned what with 400% to 700% more reliability than traditional Learning Management Systems.
QLibris Summary
Online Authoring Platform for designing, developing, and deploying:
AQumulator Games
Challenge Arenas
Create new learning projects in hours, not months
Simple, intuitive user interface
Multiple levels of user authorities and security.
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