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    Effective, Engaging Learning Activities

are the heart of the Qube's engaging "Learn by Play” instructional design methodology. The result of decades of research, QGames consist of more than 30 instructionally-effective, easily customizable, online learning activities specifically designed to engrave content into the brains of the workforce. QGames can:

Increase knowledge
Measure knowledge, or
Gather best-practices on any topic

The Qube allows clients to create three types of QGames:

Learning Games to enhance knowledge. These can be played over and over, increasing knowledge iteratively and incrementally with each play.
Final Challenge Games to assess knowledge in a way that is instructionally valid and reliable.
Best Practices Games, designed to gather sales force best practices such as how to resolve specific objections or differentiate specific products in different markets.

QGame scores produce a personalized analysis of workforce learner needs as well as a recommended reading list. This analysis allows learners to focus specifically on what information they need rather than forcing all learners to learn the same information in the same way. This “Adaptive Learning” capability allows learners to reduce training time and cost by two thirds over other online learning.

QGame scores also provide data regarding whom needs help, in what areas, and to what extent have learning objectives been achieved? Sales, Marketing, and Training management can make higher-quality strategic decisions with learning reports covering individual, team, regional, business unit, or organizational knowledge transfer success.
QGames Summary
More than 30 customizable online game templates
Practice Games for Learning
Assessment Games for Testing
AQumulator Games for Gathering Feedback and Best Practices
Fun, Engaging Learning Activities
Increase knowledge retention from by 10x
Increase testing reliability by 4x to 7x
Increase Learner Motivation
SCORM Compliant
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