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    The Product Training Challenge

Changes in technology and markets are accelerating new product introductions and increasing the complexity of new products. The rate of sales force turnover is increasing steadily. These industry trends are driving the already high demand for product knowledge transfer to unprecedented levels throughout a sales chain that includes:

Channel Partners

Product Marketing Management is frequently frustrated at the failure of traditional online and instructor-led training programs to prepare and motivate sales forces and channel partners to sell new products and services more successfully. As a result of this product training failure, new offerings often fail to tap their potential, leaving billions of dollars of new revenue on the table.

   Why Current Solutions Fail

Current eLearning solutions deliver information using traditional, “passive” methods such as Webinars, PowerPoint, streaming video and audio. With all passive delivery, learners retain less than 27% of information in immediate post tests, and a tragic 4% just 6 weeks later. Qube’s deeply engrossing game-based solutions drive learner engagement with information, boosting long-term retention and knowledge to 40%! And it’s fun!

Current Delivery Methods fail for the following reasons:

1. Ineffective Content Delivery: product training content is often developed by people who have little direct sales experience. So it is often organized in a way that is neither relevant, nor useful to salespeople or channel partners. Content is typically delivered in a way that is not instructionally effective.
  Key Point: Product content might be correct, it might be complete, but if it isn’t useful, it won’t be used.
2. Deficient Learning Activities: Most product training is developed by people who have little instructional design expertise. This results in designs that are heavy on content delivery and light on effective learning activities. If activities exist at all they are typically designed to be entertaining not instructionally engaging.
  Key Point: Without effective learning activities and engaging mental struggle, knowledge is fleeting.
3. Insufficient Learner Motivation: Despite the industry trends, learner motivation is rarely on the radar screen of product training developers. Salespeople are expected to bring their own learner motivation.
  Key Point: As a rule, they don’t.
4. Inadequate Success Monitoring: Knowledge measurement is aimed not at inspiring learner motivation but at enforcing learner compliance. Compliance-based measurement creates a barrier to learning.
  Key Point: Sales people resist compliance. Top salespeople ignore compliance.

  Why The Qube Succeeds

Where existing product training systems fail because of missing components and flawed methodology, the Qube Learning System succeeds. The Qube is the first hosted Learning Game Management System (LGMS) on the market. Built in a .NET environment, the Qube is the first learning system to integrate high-quality, instructionally-effective:

1. Product Training and Best Practices Sales Playbooks (QBook)
2. Instructional Games (QGames)
3. Sales Chain Feedback Accumulation (AQumulator)
4. Learner Motivation (Challenge Arena)
5. eBusiness Intelligence (QDashboard)
6. Learning Management and Administration (QLibrary)
7. Online Authoring for all of the above (QLibris)

The Qube can be accessed online or downloaded to a PC and used offline with automatic synchronization when connected again to the internet.
  The Qube Delivers  
The Qube Delivers
Instructionally effective :
3x the retention in immediate post tests.
10x the retention in six week post-tests
Cost Effective :
25% to 33% of the cost of traditional custom online product training
Time Effective :
New projects take days, or even hours, to complete not months.
Motivating and fun with superior success rates :
Wall Street Journal reports "Learning Addiction."
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