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  Our library contains a collection of links to works often requested by our clients and prospects. You will find a wealth of information under the following topics:


Can You Name the Presidents of ISPI? – PerformanceXpress, November 2002
Co-Design: Learners as Trainers and SMEs
Did You Read Last Month's PX? – PerformanceXpress, October 2002
Faster, Cheaper, Better
Hangman: HPT Style – PerformanceXpress, July 2002
Hard Talk with Thiagi – Article in eLearning Post
Learning By Co-Design
On the Web – PerformanceXpress, September 2002
Serial Jolts
Rapid Instructional Design
TERRIE: Technology Enhanced Required Reading Interactive Exercise
Test Your Knowledge of HPT – PerformanceXpress, August 2002
The Hoberman Sphere: An All-Purpose Prop
The Secrets of Successful Facilitators
What's Your Intervention Choice? – PerformanceXpress, September 2002

Jolt Participants into Action Playing With The Rules An Interview with Thiagi
Thiagi on Learning Theories Thiagi on Rapid Prototyping

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PNA Model - Management Competencies
 QBI 4-25-05 WSJ article with link
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