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  QBInternational's patented “Learn by Play” instructional design methodology has produced high-quality, interactive web-based training for many Fortune 500 clients by allowing them to:
  • Rapidly, inexpensively transform existing documentation and content into instructionally effective engaging learning, no matter what original form it is in.
  • Increase learner retention, understanding, and application of content by rapidly adding content to instructionally optimized, proven QGame templates.
  • Improve learner motivation through clever use of game scores to create individual, team, and business unit competition.
  • Monitor and measure knowledge transfer success with 400% to 700% more accuracy and reliability than traditional online learning tests.

To view some sample eLearning modules developed with QBI's Library/Playground™ methodology, choose from the list of demonstration modules below.

Bit Error Ratio Tester
  • Agilent Technologies needed an engaging online course to teach features and uses of a general-purpose bit error ratio tester designed for high-speed digital components and systems.
  • One of the unique features of this module is the use of high-quality graphics to display the testing instrument.
Crystal Enterprise
  • Crystal Decisions, while preparing to launch a new version of their flagship product Crystal Enterprise 9.0, needed a faster, better way to help their tech support reps learn the product. They called on QBI and we helped them build an effective, interactive WBT program for a fraction of traditional costs.
  • A unique feature of this program is the "Final Challenge" area — a collection of standardized games which serves as a post-test.
Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
  • Cadence Design Systems, a leading electronic design tool organization, needed help boosting the knowledge of non-technical employees around the globe. They wanted to help them understand how their design tools helped semi-conductor clients solve design challenges.
  • One of the unique features of this project is the use of an animated character throughout the course.
Expert To Time Manager
  • Clients looking for ways to reduce costly classroom-training time have turned to eLearning and "blended" learning — combining elements from WBT and instructor-led classrooms — even for soft-skills.
  • This module represents one of QBI's soft-skills programs that can be taught in the classroom or online, …or both.
Network Analysis Tools
  • Agilent Technologies was launching a new family of network testing products and was under the gun to produce an interactive WBT program to accompany those products. In addition, this program had to be easily translated for a Japanese audience.
  • One of the unique features of this course is that it was built in less than six weeks using a beta version of the QBI course authoring software.
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