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  QBInternational consultants have been involved in a wide variety of eLearning projects. Involvement has ranged from complete project management, front-end analysis, design, development, programming, web-hosting, to simple programming for specific client designs. Our consultants have the capability to work directly with clients or support third-party instructional designers or programmers. We can provide one-stop shopping for eLearning or individual task support.

A partial list of projects in which QBI consultants played significant roles includes:

Agilent Technologies
Agilent needed eLearning tools for three different products, each with different audiences with different needs. And they needed these developed quickly and effectively. In addition, they were looking for programs that mixed complete and accurate content with engaging learning activities QBI designed and developed web based training (WBT) programs that balanced presentation of content with engaging learning activities and simulations for:
  • 86130A BitAlyzer
  • J2126/7A Transmission Test Set (Lynx)
  • Photonic Foundation Library.

Feedback on these programs suggests that QBI exceeded expectations on each project

Macromedia Flash 5

Dreamweaver HTML Templates
3Com Corporation
3Com was converting their Human Resources Compensation Process to a web-based software application specially designed for their needs. The software was to be implemented in a phased approach over two years.

They wanted to provide training on each phase of the software application as it was released.
We recommended developing an eLearning application that could be produced in "modules" allowing them to be added as each phase of the software application was completed.The eLearning application would be available from within the application itself by clicking a button. This would add context-sensitivity to the training, since the module that was applicable to where they were in the application would open when they clicked the button.Using simulation, we provided learners with Best Practices, How-To's, and Tips on how to use the software application correctly. Macromedia Flash 5

PHP Programming

MySQL database
Intel Corporation
Intel created a document-management software system and repository that would affect how all its employees and internal contractors would share information.

Intel needed to provide training to a global audience on how to use the software, and needed confirmation when a user completed the training.
We decided to teach the Intel people the new software application using immersive simulation and interaction through the web. Since we were delivering the course to a global audience, we developed it using HTML templates and programmed it to allow for localization. Throughout the course, users were prompted to answer questions about what they had learned.Once the users completed the course, their completion was sent to an automated system which would then allow them to use the actual software. Dreamweaver HTML Templates

Flash 4 for animation

Lotus Learningspace for LMS


Cisco Systems
Cisco System's Finance Department needed to create a tutorial on how to use their Oracle General Ledger Finance Software.

They had a set of existing FAQ documents from which to create a more interactive online tutorial.
We recommended using a combination of HTML content and streaming video to best display the functionality and features of the software.

Users were able to go through Step-by-Step lists of tasks necessary for each important function, then view a video that showed them each step.
Dreamweaver HTML Templates

Camtasia for recording
the Step-by-Step tasks
Cadence Design Systems
Every month Cadence hosts a series of New-Hire classes dedicated to teaching new employees about their company and the industry.

To alleviate some of the time spent in the classroom, they wanted to encapsulate their existing instructor-led training of EDA Technology into a web-based tutorial.
We worked with the subject matter expert to create a five-module online tutorial from the five-day instructor-led class material.The user is able to interact with a specially-designed character named "Gates" who leads them through complex terms and industry information, assuring them, and challenging them as well as explaining how the Cadence products work.

We are offering managed hosting services for the course as well as developing extensive reporting capability for user records.
Macromedia Flash 5

SQL Server 7
  In addition to these organizations, QBI has also developed eLearning solutions for Brio Technology, Commerce One, eBay, Hewlett-Packard, Lucent Technologies, Stanford University and the United States Navy Postgraduate School as well as many other valued clients.
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