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As in a normal Choices QGame, in the Slot Machine Choices the player reads a question and selects the most appropriate answer from a group of possible responses. This game type is probably best known as "multiple-choice".

In addition, there is an element of chance in this game. The player begins to play by pulling the handle. The slot spins until the player answers a question. The chances of getting 3 in a row are increased with each correctly answered question:

Move information from short-term memory to long-term memory.
Deepen understanding of the content area.
Build confidence in their knowledge of the content area

 Instructional Value

Adding the Slot Machine element of chance to this QGame increases learning motivation and the engagement of the player.

Learning Objectives Example
 To increase information retention by recalling critical information.  Which of the following markets is our primary
 - Small business
 - Medium business
 - Individual professional
 - Home
 - Nonprofit organization
 Deepen conceptual understanding by
  emphasizing critical features.
 Which of the following is the most important
  feature of effective meetings?
 - Reading the minutes of the previous meeting
 - Schmoozing
 - Following Robert's Rules of Orders
 - Telling the truth
 - Sticking to the agenda
 Increase retention of procedures and
  processes by highlighting elements of a step.
 What types of ideas do participants generate
  during brainstorming stage?
 - High-quality ideas
 - Practical ideas
 - Conventional ideas
 - Wacky ideas
 - All kinds of ideas

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